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The Story of Immortality

You have been on a search of your true identity of who you really are and where you fit into the vast story of humanity.


You, the soul, are eternal, and your role is eternal. You are real and conscious. You are as subtle as a star. You are not created. You always exist as a tiny point of living light. You are so tiny that you can only be seen with the third eye of recognition.


You, the soul, are immortal, imperishable, and your seat is this perishable body. So you, the soul, can never be destroyed, you cannot die. Your body can.


You, the soul, entered onto the world stage to play the role that is eternally contained within you. You came as a soul, a being of light, adopted a body, and became a human being.


To be thinking of yourself as such a spiritual being is called soul consciousness....

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