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Myanmar, (Burma) is a country that has an endless amount of  orphaned children as well as children living in extreme poverty with parents that are unable to provide and care for them.  Mainly due to a lack of financial resources, disease, natural disasters and forced migration. Until recently there has been no governmental assistance to help support these abandoned children, so the Buddhist monasteries and monastic schools in Myanmar have taken on this responsibility, largely due to the fact that Myanmar's population is 88% Buddhist.  


However, with the recent elections of the new government,  things are slowly starting to shift and Myanmar is working hard to support these children and provide a better educational system for them.  


At these monasteries, these children receive; free education, basic necessities, as well as learning Buddhist values of non-violence, compassion, generosity and tolerance. Without the help of these monasteries, these children would end up in the child labor industry, abused, and would ultimately fade away from society.

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