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This body of work focuses on those in search of home, a place where they feel safe and a sense of belonging.There are more than half a million homeless people spread throughout the United States. In New York City, there are about 60,000 people without homes.


The American flag is to give the men and women in these photos a sense of protection. The flag is meant to be like a blanket. It is a safety raft.


Homeless people are invisible. I photographed them with the flag to make them visible. I wanted them to be seen. The flag in my photos is washed-out and faded. It is the reflection of the half a million Americans in search of a home. This is the story of the other America. The men and women in my photos live on the margins of society, dispersed on different street corners and alleyways. I wanted to show portraits of as many people as I possibly could together, side by side, in order to unite them. I wanted to create a sense of connection.

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